Right Brain Stimulation: Eye Training

Right Brain KidsEye training helps children improve speed learning. This will also naturally occur as their eye function improves and their eyes are able to see a wider area in one glance. Our field of vision is normally at the center of the eye. The further from the center of the eye an object is, the more blur the vision of the object becomes.

Children can improve their eye movements by using three kinds of vision patterns. These vision patterns help to broarden the field of vision and the area which the retina can absorb images at one glance. There are 6 different muscles in our eyes:

  1. superior rectus
  2. inferior rectus
  3. medial rectus
  4. lateral rectus
  5. superior oblique
  6. inferior oblique

Only when these 6 muscles function well will your child be able to grasp images of objects accurately.

Speed learning has a lot to do with eye movements. What you are aiming for with eye training is to be able to see lights when the right brain receives vibrations at high speed. Shichida children reported their experiences by drawing out colours which their right brain revealed. When they can achieve this, they will be more successful in absorbing information from books.

Eye training using the following training cards can be done as often as possible (once a day, 10 seconds for each card). For younger children below 3 years, use real objects to trace out the lines and have your child follow the movement of the object with their eyes only.

Eye Training Cards for download

You can also purchase Eyes Training Cards from Right Brain Kids under the Wink Program: Eye Exercises. The Wink Program also contains other useful right brain training materials.

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