Right Brain Stimulation: Image Play – Basic Image

BrillKidsBasic image training forms the base for all other image training therefore it should be done first. This can be done with children at any age. Children below 3 years old can do this in their mothers’ arms. Children above 3 years old can do this by themselves.

Go through the following lines with your child:

  1. Let’s lie down on the floor and close our eyes. Pretend that we are sleeping.
  2. A person who has fallen asleep doesn’t open their eyes, doesn’t talk, and doesn’t move. Wow! You’re doing really well!
  3. Let’s take a deep breath. Exhale slowly and deeply, and flatten your tummy.
  4. Now let’s inhale and swell out your tummy. Make your tummy big like a balloon. (Repeat this breathing 3 times).
  5. Okay, now you can breath normally.
  6. Can you see a red balloon? Imagine one. Once you can see it, raise your hand. Okay, put your hand down.
  7. Now the red balloon has gone. Can you see a yellow balloon in its place? When you can see it, raise your hand. Okay, put your hand down.
  8. Let the balloon go and see the entrance to your house. Once you can see it, open the door and go inside.
  9. Now, turn off everything. You are coming back to the room when I count down from 3.
  10. 3, 2, 1. Open your eyes slowly. Great work! Welcome back!

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