Right Brain Stimulation: Image Play

Little MathFrom The Shichida Method.

The image visualisation function of the right brain is the ability to capture and hold an image in the mind exactly as it is in the environment. If your child can visualise the image with perfect representation in her mind’s eye and mentally alter the image at will, then she has perfected this function. Children who are able to do this have shared that they can see images clearly when they close their eyes.

A child with well-developed imaging ability is able to memorise whatever they see at a glance and recall the image whenever they need it as if they were simply taking out a photograph in their mind’s eye. When sitting for a test, he is able to perform well because he can memorise any page in a textbook with a single glance and retrieve the image when taking the test.

Poor grades at school are usually the result of a poorly functioning left brain. Children will differ in terms of their left brain capabilities – some will be better than others. But every child possesses the potential genius talents of the right brain. In terms of the right brain, everyone is equal. If the right brain’s potential talent can be developed, any child can achieve good grades.

Image Training Activities:

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