Science and Technology: Engineering Toys by Engino for Budding Engineers

I would have said cool toys for boys but the girl child that I was would have enjoyed playing with this as well if only any of the adults thought it was an appropriate gift for a girl…

Engino Models Engineering Sets

These are great for budding, young scientists who enjoy working with their hands and learning about how things work by doing. Engino toys allow children to learn about science and technology through play. They have a variety of kits available to teach children about:

The Engino 100 Models Dual Motor Ultimate Set, recommended for children age 9 and above, includes more parts and three new innovations: The dual output motor which has output drives on both of its sides, the RC wired handset so that Models can be driven from a distance and a new system of gears and axles for more complex motion transfer. The 100 Models set includes not one but 2 motors and 2 handsets for more elaborate models.

Engino Models


Engino was created by a former teacher and engineer who wanted to help students build technological models creatively and easily in an educational way.

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