Shichida 5 Minute Suggestion

Right Brain KidsThe 5 minute suggestion should be used when your child has just gone to sleep. It is recommended for helping with troublesome habits such as thumbsucking, bed wetting, and selfishness.

During the first 5 minutes after a child has fallen asleep, the conscious mind goes to sleep, but the subconscious is still awake and functioning. This is a good time to work on the subconscious mind.

The 5 minute suggestion should be used continuously for 7-21 days or until your child is changing for the better. Do not complain about your child in the daytime.

How to Use the 5 Minute Suggestion

  1. Talk to your child. For example: “You’re sleeping now. You can hear my voice.”
  2. Give your child love. For example: “Daddy and Mummy love you.”
  3. Enforce emotional bonding. For example: “Mummy’s heart and your heart are always together.”
  4. Visualise your child as you address the issue you wish to help your child correct. See examples below.

Example 1

“You’re a genius. Your concentration is good. Your problem with spelling will go away. You will read and write well. You can see the flash cards. Mummy loves you. You can sleep well until tomorrow morning.”

Visualise your child clearly in your mind having good focus and concentration.

Example 2

The following example is appropriate if your child has been upset, or feeling unloved or neglected.

“I am sorry if Mummy did not give you enough time because I have been busy. I love you now and I will build a good relationship with you. You’re perfect and you will grow up very well.”

Hug and kiss your child.

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