Spelling Games: Boggle Slam Variation

Aristotle has really been enjoying his card games. When I introduced Boggle Slam, it was slow going and a bit boring so I decided to spice it up a little by modifying the rules. The new rules are essentially the same as Upwords without the board.

New Rules for Boggle Slam Upwords!

  1. We begin with a four-letter word that has been agreed upon by all players.
  2. The word is formed and the remaining cards are shuffled and divided evenly between all the players.
  3. Using all the cards we have, we can make new words that cross the original word (like in Scrabble), or place letters over the original word to make a new word (e.g. “tame” becomes “takes” by placing a “k” over the “m” and adding an “s” on the end).
  4. First person to finish all their cards wins.
  5. In the event that no one can make any more words with their cards, the person with the least number of cards wins.

Gavin and I are playing...

Boggle Slam Upwords is easier to play compared to Scrabble which is great for children learning to spell since they may have a limited repertoire of words and may struggle to come up with words if they only have 7 letters (as in regular scrabble). It’s a gentle introduction to Scrabble and a fun way to practice spelling.

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