Summer of Science from Rachel and the Tree Schoolers

This Summer, learn all about science from Rachel and the Tree Schoolers as they teach you about:

Week 1: Lightning & Electricity

  • Video: What is Lightning?
  • Experiment: Can I Make Electricity?

Week 2: Cloud in a Jar

  • Video: What Makes a Cloud?
  • Experiment: Make a Cloud in a Jar

Week 3: How Seeds Grow

  • Video: How Do Seeds Grow?
  • Experiment: Watch a Seed Grow

Week 4: Photosynthesis

  • Video: What is Photosynthesis?
  • Experiment: Can Plants Grow in the Dark?

Week 5: Insects

  • Video: What are Insects?
  • Experiment: What do Ants Eat?

Week 6: Insects 2

  • Video: How Many Bugs in the Insect ABCs
  • Experiment: How Do Bees Polinate Flowers?

Each week, the Tree Schoolers Summer of Science shares a free science video, a fun experiment and a booklet of easy activities. Sign up for their Summer of Science emails to be notified whenever a new topic has been released.

* Science videos, activities and experiments are available for free at the time of writing. They are designed to compliment Rachel and the Tree Schoolers’ episodes.

More Educational Videos from Rachel and the Tree Schoolers

More videos available on Youtube from Two Little Hands Productions.

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