Let’s Play!

“Play is the highest form of research.” ~ Albert Einstein The Importance of Imaginative Play Fantasy play is correlated with other positive attributes. In preschool children, for example, those who have imaginary friends are more creative, have greater social understanding and are better at taking the perspective of others, according to Marjorie Taylor, a psychology […]

What is Waldorf? Part Two: Rhythms and Stages

www.EarthSchooling.com takes you through the rhythms of Waldorf. How does Waldorf follow the rhythms of the child? What stages do children go through from preschool – grade eight and how can you adapt their education to those stages? What kinds of stories and activities to children need to be doing at each age? This video […]

Developmentally Appropriate Early Childhood Education

What developmentally appropriate education is and why it’s important. Please follow and like us:

Assessment in Early Childhood Education (6th Edition)

Written for preschool and primary school teachers involved in preparing for, administering, interpreting, and moving forward with the results of informal and standardized testing, Wortham’s Assessment in Early Childhood Education, Sixth Edition, is one of the most accessible and practical  books available in measurement and evaluation examines both standardized and informal assessment tools from a […]