Toddler Apps: Zoo Train

Hercules has been nuts about alphabet trains lately and he stumbled on this one while we were searching for alphabet train songs on Youtube. There are actually quite a number of gems in there if you look around – one of Hercules’ favourites is Shawn the Train by Coilbook. KidsTV123 is another of our favourite channels.

I digress… So Hercules stumbled on an app review for Zoo Train by Busy Bee Studios. He was so intrigued by the review that I decided to get him the app. So I finally got around to exploring it and here’s what it’s about…

Zoo Train by Busy Bee Studios

Zoo Train comes with 5 games. The games teach children about patterns, shapes, music, creative play, and letter names. These are the games and activities included in Zoo Train:

1. Picture Puzzles: drag the pieces to complete the image

Zoo Train 6

2. Whistle Music: Play a song train whistles

Zoo Train

3. Train Builder: Build your train, then watch it toot by

Zoo Train 3

4. Track Tycoon: Drag the pieces to finish the track

Zoo Train 2

5. Word Builder: Match the letters to create a word

Zoo Train 5

6. Stickers: See how many you can collect!

Zoo Train 4

It’s a fun app that’s easy for young children to play on their own. It’s entertaining and educational and a good one for the kids because it features animals and trains – two popular subjects with children. The app is designed for both iPad and iPhone and costs $1.99 at the iTunes store.

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