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Quantum Speed Reading: Step 3

Relaxation This exercise is for adults to help release stress. Move your body around to help release tension. Try exercises such as abdominal crunches, a headstand, push-ups, or the … [Read More...]

Let’s Celebrate Math Awareness Month this April

Yes, I know - it's half way through Math Awareness Month already. I had some technical issues with the website which prevented me from adding any new posts and it took me ages to fix because I didn't … [Read More...]

Right Brain Practice for Photographic Memory – Space Memory

In Right Brain Education, there are several activities that help develop the photographic memory function. Mandala is one of those activities. Another activity is space memory. Space Memory can be … [Read More...]

Grammar Girl Helps Students Write it Right

I have a pet peeve when it comes to writing. I hate to see spelling and grammatical errors - especially when it is written by a professional source, like a newspaper or a printed book. While I'm no … [Read More...]

BabyTalk Article: Right Brain Education Unveiled

This is the original article I submitted for publication in the October 2011 issue of Baby Talk on Right Brain Education: Right Brain Education…Unveiled In today’s challenging world, having a high … [Read More...]