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Spelling Games to Take the Tedium Out of Spelling Homework

G2 has started working on his spelling at school and he recently came home with his first spelling list. I was a little worried about getting him to practice his spelling words because he hates to … [Read More...]

Right Brain Stimulation: Senses Play – Telepathy

Telepathy is a child's ability to make a successful guess of what is visualised in the mind of his parent. Animal Cards What is required: Two sets of five cards, each containing pictures of … [Read More...]

The Parable of the Carrots, Eggs, and Coffee

A good lesson to teach our children: There is an old parable about a boy who was so discouraged with failing in school he told his grandfather he wanted to quit. His grandfather filled three pots … [Read More...]

Activities that Help Kids Flourish

When we talk about our parenting goals, we often speak about wanting our children to be healthy, to be successful, and to be happy. The scientific term we're really looking for is "flourish". What we … [Read More...]

Educational Resources from Disney

Disney has an educational website with loads of cool free resources (and some not free) covering: nature social studies language and arts math and science health and safety Disney's … [Read More...]