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STEM Maker Workshop: Be a Maker

I've been trying to sign G1 up for a STEM Maker Workshop for some time now but the timing never seemed to work out for us until now. The goal has always been to extend his experiences beyond school … [Read More...]

Brain Training: Dual N Back Training Improves Fluid Intelligence

I was reading the about the research by Lumosity recently and noticed a peer-reviewed study on "Improving fluid intelligence with training on working memory" which showed that "cognitive training with … [Read More...]

Apps: STEM Islands – Learn the Physics of Light, Motion, Sound and Heat

Stumbled on an interesting series of science apps by Virtual Space OOO called STEM Islands that help children explore various topics in physics in a virtual setting: light movement and … [Read More...]

Website Resource: Make Me Genius

Here's another great website with free resources. It's called "Make Me Genius". What's on it: Science Videos: e.g. types of rocks, photosynthesis, the muscular system, water cycle, states … [Read More...]

The Benefits of Playing Board Games

Why Play Board Games? They are a great way to spend family time together by: strengthening the emotional bonds between parents and children improving communication between family … [Read More...]