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New Discoveries In Super Fast Mental Math Revealed — The Vedic Math Secrets

Are you able to multiply 996x994 in less than 5 seconds in your head, without using the calculator? A new branch of mental math has recently been revealed -- Vedic Mathematics. Many of you may have … [Read More...]

TweedleWink: About the Early Enrichment Program

Pamela Hickein and Wennie Sun (founders of Right Brain Kids and the TweedleWink enrichment centers) have a new video that talks about their early learning enrichment program. The purpose of … [Read More...]

BabyTalk Article: Right Brain Education Unveiled

This is the original article I submitted for publication in the October 2011 issue of Baby Talk on Right Brain Education: Right Brain Education…Unveiled In today’s challenging world, having a high … [Read More...]

Online Resources: Arcademic Skill Builders

Arcademic Skill Builders is an online educational portal that utilises video games to approach learning basic math, language arts, vocabulary, and thinking skills (see: Gamification in Education). … [Read More...]

Shichida’s 63 Day Math Program

According to Makoto Shichida, rapid computer-like calculation is a characteristic of the high speed automatic process function of the right brain. You infants can be taught to recognise the number of … [Read More...]