Welcome to Figur8! We believe that that education is not about filling a child’s head with information; it is about developing the whole child – heart, mind, and body. [Read more...]

Right Brain Education: Puzzle Activities

In right brain education, the children are also encouraged to do lots of puzzle activities, like dot-to-dot, spot the difference, mazes, simple origami, etc. These are for developing fine motor … [Read More...]

My Brilliant Brain: Born Genius

In a bid to understand more about giftedness, brain development, the role of nature and nurture, I bought the documentary from National Geographic: My Brilliant Brain - Unlocking Some of the Brain's … [Read More...]

Apps: Brain Jump and Ned the Neuron

Carol Dweck's famous research on growth mindsets has revolutionised the way we praise children. By teaching children about growth mindsets, they learn the powerful idea that taking on challenges can … [Read More...]

Motherhood Magazine Article: Brain Boosters

There is an interesting article in the January 2013 issue of Motherhood Magazine (Singapore) on Brain Boosters. In a nutshell, the article is about enrichment classes that develop your child's … [Read More...]

The Effects of Social Media Influence on Our Children

The following article is a guest post from Jessica Freeman. Jessica Freeman is a blogger and freelance writer from Sydney, Australia. She enjoys covering various topics, from education and technology … [Read More...]