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ThinkFun Rush Hour

Four levels of play, beginner to expert Forty mind challenge cards with solutions Sixteen cars and trucks, one red escape car One traffic grid game board and game-go storage bag For ages 8 years and … [Read More...]

Music Resources: Teaching Children Music

Music is a wonderful subject to teach children. We expound upon the benefits of learning music time and time again because I don't think we could ever over-emphasise the value of learning music. Even … [Read More...]

Introducing the Classics: Chinese Literature

There are four great classical novels in Chinese literature: Journey to the West Romance of the Three Kingdoms Water Margin A Dream of Red Mansions As part of the boys' education on … [Read More...]

Children’s Books: Augmented Reality Books from the American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History has some really cool educational resources that we discovered recently... Augmented Reality Books Currently they only have three titles … [Read More...]

Exploring Careers with Kids: When I grow up, I want to be…

G2 is working on a new topic at school - "When I Grow Up". To support his learning, it was recommended that we take him to Kidzania so he can see the different types of jobs that exist. To further … [Read More...]