Welcome to Figur8! We believe that that education is not about filling a child’s head with information; it is about developing the whole child – heart, mind, and body. [Read more...]

The Science of Learning: How Do Brains Learn Best?

We had another workshop at school on the science of learning - how brains learn best. In the workshop, we covered some of the following concepts. What is Neuroplasticity? Neuroplasticity is the … [Read More...]

Using Manipulatives for Learning – What are the Benefits?

“Manipulatives can be important tools in helping students to think and reason in more meaningful ways. By giving students concrete ways to compare and operate on quantities, such manipulatives as … [Read More...]

Book Release: The Modest Tortoise & the Horrible Hare

For almost 3000 years, Aesop's ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’ has epitomized the importance of understanding that, no matter one’s starting block in life, great things are never unachievable. It is a … [Read More...]

Math Apps: DragonBox Numbers

We Want to Know AS makes some of the coolest Math Apps ever! Don't believe us? Just check these out: Dragon Box Algebra - who would have thought algebra could be so fun? Dragon Box Elements - … [Read More...]

Right Brain Stimulation: Speed Play – Dots Program

From The Shichida Method. Rapid computer-like calculation is another characteristic of the high speed automatic process function of the right brain. You infants can be taught to recognise the … [Read More...]