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Right Brain Education

Right Brain Education is a learning program designed to help children and adults utilise and boost both sides of the brain — the logical left brain and the creative right brain. Right Brain Education is both for early childhood learning and adult enhancement and enrichment. Children and adults alike can learn how to develop the right side of the brain, nurturing natural photographic memory and speed-learning capabilities. When both sides of the brain are used, true genius and intelligence — both intellectual and emotional — can shine.

The Benefits of Right Brain Education

Right Brain Education enhances learning ability so that children are able to absorb new information quickly and easily. These individuals are also well-adjusted, confident and very successful in the various pursuits they have undertaken, be it in sports, music, academics, or with any other aspect of their lives.

The Goals of Right Brain Education

  1. Develop a Loving Relationship between Parent and Child
  2. Develop Right Brain Senses
  3. Enlarge the Brain Capacity
  4. Make Learning Easy and Fun
  5. Input Knowledge
  6. Enhance Left and Right Brain Connection (Corpus Callosum)
  7. Develop Creativity
  8. Help Children Discover Their Genius Potential

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The 3 main right brain schoolsShichida, Heguru, and TweedleWink by Right Brain Kids. All three schools are fundamentally the same but also uniquely different.

Brain Training and Brain Development

According to Michael Merzenich (professor emeritus neuroscientist at the University of California and Chief Scientific Officer at Posit Science), we can sharpen perception and memory, increase speed of thought, and heal learning problems in the brain  by training specific processing areas of the brain. Merzenich states that “brain exercises may be as useful as drugs to treat diseases as severe as schizophrenia; that plasticity exists from the cradle to the grave; and that radical improvements in cognitive functioning — how we learn, think, perceive, and remember — are possible even in the elderly.”

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Brain Development, Brain Training and Right Brain Education Tools and Materials

Right Brain Kids Early Genius Learning Program

Right Brain Kids

What did Albert Einstein, Ludwig von Beethoven, Leonardo da Vinci, Marie Curie and George Washington Carver all have in common? They were all extraordinarily tapped into the imaginative and visual power of the right brain. Now your child can awaken the lifetime advantage of better utilization of both sides of the brain with Wink™, considered by many as the World’s Best Right Brain Education Program!

Most children, and adults for that matter, never fully harness the creative potential of their right brain. Instead, we go through life as one writer put it, “as though pedaling a bike with one leg.” Certainly both feet on the pedals is much more effective! The same goes for your child’s brain: when both sides of the brain are fully engaged, the result can be a wonderful blend of LEFT (logical intelligence) and RIGHT (creative, intuitive out-of-the-box accelerated learning).

Engaging both sides of the brain is easy to do, as long as you have the correct tools:

Mercury Learning Systems

Memory Magic – Help your children learn anything faster and better with fun entertaining games that are the perfect compliment to your children’s regular school lessons. Memory Magic games use accelerated learning techniques inspired by Child Experts Makoto Shichida and Glenn Doman. These games develop lightening-quick memory intake, rapid recall, reading abilities, encyclopedic knowledge, and more. For ages 3 month old and up.

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